Can a broken bad boy and a lonely small-town vet really work?
Kyle Valentine left Faithful, Tennessee because there was nothing for him there. In one nightmarish moment, all he had was taken.
But Faithful never left him. It was as much a part of him as the marrow in his bones.
He spent three years on the water and on the run from his grief.
Then this dead wife told him to go home.
Veterinarian Olivia Hudson was just a small-town girl with simple needs. She had the prerequisite three wishes.
She wanted a makeup that covered her freckles. She needed people to stop feeding their dogs chicken bones. She craved a decent man who would love her, only her, beyond all reason and rational thought.
None of those wishes was coming true.
Until a mountain of a man with tattoos and a deliciously dirty mouth landed at her front door, and things started looking up.
But who was leaving the dead cats on her lawn?